athletic mouthguards madison avenue dental dentist in greenwood indianaAt Madison Ave Dental, we are passionate about helping you maintain a healthy smile. Participating in physical sports, especially ones that include a ball or puck, put your teeth at greater risk for injury and loss. To help you protect your teeth against dental emergencies caused by any athletic sport, we offer all the residents of Greenwood, Indiana, customized athletic mouthguards. 

In some sports, mouthguards are required because the players are constantly at risk for trauma. Although not all sports require it, we recommend getting a mouthguard no matter what sport you play. 


Custom Athletic Mouthguards 

Custom Athletic Mouthguards are constructed of acrylic, they can be clear or have designs! While store-bought mouthguards are available, a custom-fitted mouthguard is more comfortable. Store-bought mouthguards typically need a process of boiling the mouthguard, rinsing it in cold water, and then inserting it into your mouth to mold it to the shape of your teeth and mouth. If it doesn’t fit the first time, you’ll have to repeat the process until it does. Having a custom mouthguard made by your Greenwood, Indiana dentist guarantees that it is both comfortable and effective in preventing injuries. Mouthguards manufactured by a dentist are proven to be the best.

To create your customized athletic mouthguard, we first will take an impression of your upper teeth. We will make a plaster model from the impression that will replicate your teeth. The mouthguard will then be formed over the model, using dental acrylic. Once dried and hardened, the mouthguard is complete and ready to be used. When your mouthguard is completed, we will have you in for a fitting to ensure that it fits comfortably and adequately before we send it home with you. We will make any necessary adjustments to ensure optimal efficacy. 


How Well Do Athletic Mouthguards Work? 

Custom mouthguards can provide you with the best safety and comfort because they are precisely made. Over-the-counter mouthguards will never be able to achieve this.

The amount of protection provided by custom-fitted mouthguards is unrivaled by any other mouthguard. The snug design, which hugs each tooth securely and prevents unwanted movement, adds to its durability. Custom-fit mouthguards can be made thicker for those who grind, clench, or gnash their teeth aggressively while they sleep at night, easing and reducing pressure on the jaw.


How Long Will it Last? 

Custom-fit athletic mouthguards are incredibly durable, and unlike store-bought mouthguards, they do not lose their shape. Depending on the extent of wear and tear, personalized mouthguards may need to be replaced every few years.

We encourage all our patients with an athletic mouthguard to bring it into our office for an appointment to check that it is still fitting correctly. 


Make an Appointment Today 

Protecting your teeth while participating in sports will help you minimize the risk of broken or avulsed teeth. If a dental emergency does occur and you need immediate attention, please don’t hesitate to call us at Madison Ave Dental right away. Our primary purpose is to help you have a healthy, beautiful, and lasting smile. 


If you are interested in obtaining a mouthguard or want to help protect your child’s teeth against injury, please call us and set up an appointment for a customized mouthguard. If you have any questions or concerns about athletic mouthguards, please give our Greenwood, Indiana dental office a call. A member of our team will be happy to address any concerns you may have.

We look forward to helping you protect your smile!