Children's Dentistry Madison Ave DentalOur children’s dentistry team in Greenwood at Madison Ave Dental is here to care for your entire family’s dental needs. Dr. Savabi’s main goal is to ensure that your child comes to our office and has a positive experience. Taking care of your most prized possession is very important to us and we make it a priority to do everything in our power to ensure everyone has an anxiety-free and stress-free visit.

We do understand that sometimes children don’t love going to visit their dentist. Knowing this, we have taken many steps to have your little one excited for their next appointment. Having TV’s on the ceilings to watch movies and letting them pick from our amazing prize box always makes the visit something to look forward to.

Dentistry for All

We do understand that there comes a time where your child will grow out of being excited about the prize box! Here at our office since we service all ages, we will be able to get you and your whole family in for a visit while accommodating everyone’s needs!

Tips for Parents

  • According to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, a child should first see the dentist within 6 months after their first tooth or by their first birthday.
  • You should be helping your child brush their teeth until they are old enough to tie their own shoes.
  • If your child has spaces in between their teeth, that’s a good thing! Spaces between the teeth mean that they will have enough room for their adult teeth to grow in.
  • Bringing your child to the dentist at a young age will help them associate the dentist with fun rather than fear.
  • Teaching your child proper dental hygiene habits will affect them for the rest of their life.

It is very important for us at Madison Ave Dental to make sure all of our patients have a comfortable and tailored dental visit. If you are in the Greenwood, Indiana area and are in need of a children’s dentistry, please contact our office today! We would love to serve your family and help prevent dental problems in the future.