dental bonding greenwoodYour smile may look less attractive due to everyday wear and tear. You may feel self-conscious about your smile if you have even minor fractures or discolorations in your teeth. Dental bonding in Greenwood, IN, might be the solution if you want to make modest adjustments to your existing teeth or if a minor chip in your tooth stands out.


What is Dental Bonding?

Bonding, a restorative technique for teeth that are chipped, broken, discolored, or irregular-shaped teeth, is an alternative to veneers. Dental bonding is frequently the least invasive and most cost-effective option when it comes to removing unsightly cosmetic faults in your teeth. It entails repairing and reshaping your teeth for a more aesthetically pleasing smile using a special dental resin.

Cosmetic bonding is a versatile remedy for:

  • Bridging little gaps between teeth
  • Lengthening short teeth
  • Removing heavy stains
  • Reducing the visibility of rotated teeth
  • Protecting roots exposed from receding gums
  • Whitening and general brightening


The Benefits of Dental Bonding

Dental bonding has numerous advantages over veneers and crowns in terms of dental treatment. And dental bonding restoration has a slew of benefits in general, including greater oral health, a more appealing smile, and increased tooth function. Other benefits include:

  • Quick Treatment: We can frequently finish the procedure in a single brief session.
  • Inexpensive: One of the least expensive dental procedures available is bonding.
  • Minimally Invasive: The procedure removes minimal tooth structure, is painless, and doesn’t call for additional follow-up.
  • Flexible: The dental resin’s versatility enables Dr. Savabi to address various aesthetic problems.
  • Long-lasting: The bonding substance on your tooth can last up to ten years with proper maintenance.


Dental Bonding Process

Dental bonding is an excellent way to improve your smile. The first step is to schedule a consultation with Dr. Savabi. During the consultation, Dr. Savabi will assess your dental needs and recommend the best course of treatment. If dental bonding is right for you, the next step is to schedule an appointment for the procedure. 

The dental bonding procedure itself is quick and easy:

  1. Dr. Savabi will prepare your teeth for bonding by roughening the tooth’s surface and applying a conditioning gel.
  2. They will apply the bonding material to your tooth and shape it to achieve the desired look.
  3. They will harden the material with a special light and trim away any excess material. 

Dental bonding can be done in a single visit to our office, and you can leave with teeth that look natural and beautiful. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Savabi today to look into this life-changing procedure!


Dental Bonding Aftercare

After undergoing the dental bonding procedure, it is vital to take care of your dental bonding to ensure that it lasts. Here are some tips for caring for your dental bonding: 

  • Brush and floss your teeth twice a day. Be sure to use gentle pressure when brushing to avoid damaging the bonding material.
  • Use non-abrasive toothpaste when brushing. Avoid whitening toothpaste or mouthwashes, as these can damage the bonding material. 
  • Avoid chewing on hard objects such as ice or hard candy. 
  • Do not smoke cigarettes, as this can cause staining of the bonding material. 
  • Schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings with your dentist. 


Following these simple tips can help keep your dental bonding looking its best.


High-Quality Dental Bonding in Greenwood, IN

Dental bonding provides an excellent choice for treating minor faults and imperfections for many cosmetic dentistry patients at a lower cost than other more comprehensive treatment options. To find out if dental bonding is the best treatment option for you, call Madison Ave Dental, your friendly neighborhood Greenwood, IN, cosmetic dentist.