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Cavities are a type of dental decay that occurs when bacteria produce an acid that can harm both the enamel and the dentin, the underlying layer, of your tooth. Weakened teeth can be caused by cavities, the foods/drinks you consume, or a lack of adequate oral hygiene. 

Despite this, there are many ways you can prevent cavities and make sure your teeth are strong and healthy every day.

Preventative Dentistry

In Greenwood, Indiana, preventative dentistry is about maintaining your dental health and keeping up with regular appointments with your dentist. Preventative dental care can catch cavities and other dental issues before they become a problem. In addition to that, your dentist can teach you the correct oral care routine for your mouth so you can avoid potentially costly and painful cavities.

Preventative dentistry also consists of regular cleanings, which can help remove any tartar build that brushing could miss and give you an extra line of defense against cavities.

Brush Your Teeth

Sounds easy right? Regular brushing twice a day can help you to avoid cavities caused by a build-up of plaque. On the other hand, a bad dental care routine can lead to many issues, including bad breath. 

Make sure to thoroughly brush your teeth twice a day for a minimum of 2 minutes and include all areas of your mouth, top and bottom, front and back, including the whole mouth. Check you are using the best toothbrush for your mouth; this could be a traditional toothbrush or an electric/battery-powered toothbrush.


Flossing is something all dentists highly recommend due to the ability to catch any debris or plaque build-up brushing may miss. Food can get stuck in even the smallest gaps in your teeth, and if not removed, it can lead to plaque build-up. That plaque will cause cavities if not taken care of properly..

Try flossing after brushing your teeth or post mealtimes to gain maximum benefits. Floss reduces the likelihood of plaque build-up and cavities in your mouth.

If you don’t like using floss, there are alternative options available, including interdental brushes and water flossers, which use powerful jets of water to dislodge any trapped food and debris in your mouth.

Eat A Balanced Diet

Never underestimate the power of a healthy balanced diet and how much it can benefit your dental health. Reducing sugary and acidic food and drinks in your diet and replacing them with water can reduce your chances of cavities. As can cutting down on coffee and caffeinated drinks. Using a straw when drinking can reduce contact with teeth, thus further reducing the risk of developing cavities.

Ensuring your diet is varied and balanced can help you protect your teeth from the damage excess sugar and acid can cause.

Preventative Dentistry in Greenwood, Indiana.

If you want to learn more about how you can reduce cavities for yourself or your family, then contact our professionals at Madison Ave Dental, and we can guide you towards the best dental care routine for you. Learn more about the part that preventive dentistry can play in preventing cavities today.