Root Canal Therapy 

We encourage each patient that comes into Madison Ave. Dental, to do all that they can to prevent decay and infection from penetrating their teeth.If decay does occur, we recommend restoring your tooth as soon as possible. When decay is left untreated, it has the potential to rapidly grow and put the entire tooth’s health at risk. We offer deep and extensive restorative treatments for more severe cases of decay. One of these treatments is root canal therapy. 

It is impossible to know for sure that you need a root canal without a diagnosis from a dental professional. At our Greenwood, Indiana office, we have highly trained dental professionals to diagnose and treat your root canal. 

Root Canal Process 

When decay spreads, it is possible it can reach the inner pulp of the tooth. The pulp is where all of the nerves are located. Once this area is infected, the entire pulp has to be removed to prevent the bacteria from spreading. There are some symptoms that you can look out for that might indicate your tooth is severely infected and needs root canal therapy. These include: 

  • Severe toothaches 
  • Darkening, swelling, tender, and bumpy gums 
  • Sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures 
  • Abscessed tooth 

Once we have diagnosed that you need a root canal, our dental professional will set up your appointment and start your custom treatment plan. 

During the procedure, our team will use specific root canal therapy instruments to remove the entire pulp from the tooth. If other areas of the tooth are also decayed, such as on the outer surface or the enamel of the tooth, that decay will be removed as well. Once all infected areas have been addressed, we will clean and sterilize the tooth to ensure all bacteria is killed off. 

Restoring your tooth after a root canal is similar to receiving a normal tooth filling. After the area has been sterilized, the dentist will fill the tooth with dental material to seal it off. 

Many patients worry that the anatomy or appearance of their tooth might be affected after experiencing a root canal treatment. After the tooth has been filled with the composite material, we will cure it and then shape the outer surface of your tooth to fit the original anatomy. Once the entire procedure is completed, your newly restored tooth will blend in perfectly. 

Madison Ave. Dental in Greenwood, Indiana 

Experiencing severe tooth pain and gum tenderness is a good indication that something is wrong and you need to see a professional. We encourage you to give us a call and schedule an appointment if you are experiencing any type of dental pain or if you are due for your bi-yearly cleaning and exam.