Root canal therapy (also known as Endodontic therapy) makes most people think of a painful procedure. But the reality is that root canals are actually Pain Relieving! With today’s anesthetic and technology, root canals are comparable to fillings!

What is a root canal?

A root canal is indicated when the nerve of your tooth gets irreversibly affected. The process of a root canal includes:

  1. Accessing the nerve from the top of your tooth
  2. Removing the nerve and bacteria from inside the nerve canal
  3. Filling the nerve space with a special filling material (the long white lines in the adjacent x-ray)
  4. Finally, closing the access to the nerve

What are signs you need a root canal?

  • A tooth with constant, sharp or dull pain
  • Swelling in your cheek or gum
  • Feeling your heartbeat in your tooth
  • Pain radiating into your ear
  • Fever or headache
  • Odor or bad taste in your mouth

What can cause a tooth to need a root canal?

  • Extensive decay into or close to the nerve
  • Broken or fractured tooth that extends into the nerve
  • Traumatic injury
  • Bruxism or grinding
  • Large fillings that have failed over time
  • New fillings that were too close the nerve

How long does a root canal take?

Procedure time can vary based on the tooth and the complexity of the case. A root canal can take anywhere from a few hours to only 45 minutes!

Does a root canal hurt?

Root canals are not the painful procedures they used to be! Today’s anesthetic can create profound anesthesia, which allow for the procedures to be completely comfortable. In fact, most patients are thrilled after we numb the tooth and start the procedure!

What advanced technology does Dr. Savabi use?

Dr. Savabi uses a special Rotary Endodontic device. He has taken multiple advanced courses in the field of Rotary Endodontics. This allows for quicker and more efficient procedures!

If you need a root canal in Greenwood, IN, call our office today to schedule an appointment.