Emergency Dentist Madison Ave Dental

Many accidents can happen where your teeth are damaged and they need to be taken care of immediately! Dr. Savabi, an emergency dentist in Greenwood, and his team here at Madison Ave Dental are ready to help you at any moment.


When should you see an Emergency Dentist?

When speaking about dental emergencies it is common that if you try to take care of a problem immediately the problem won’t get worse. Many issues can qualify as a dental emergency. A dental emergency can involve severe pain or more obvious issues such as a tooth being knocked out or broken. There are certain instances where you should call us immediately.

Severe Pain: We understand that sometimes people recognize tooth pain and decide that they will either wait until the pain goes away or until their next scheduled appointment, which could be months away. This isn’t something that we would recommend due to the possible growth of the problem. If you are having pain, it indicates that something isn’t right in your mouth, so please give us a call.

Broken Tooth: Accidents do happen and sometimes accidents result in a tooth being chipped, broken, or in severe cases knocked out. This would be a time where we would encourage you to give our office a call and see if you can see the dentist immediately.


Contact our Emergency Dentist Today

Some emergencies involve getting an immediate procedure done to save a tooth or to relieve pain. Depending on your specific situation we are here to do what is necessary and do all that we can to help you feel better.

Our office has all the necessary technology for us to help figure out what is wrong or what can be done to help. X-rays may need to be taken to help diagnose if the problem isn’t visible.

If you need an emergency dentist in the Greenwood & Indianapolis, IN area or you’re just passing by, please contact us today. We provide high-end dental care in a comfortable environment, and have the best dentist and staff to see to your needs!